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Heco was born from the experience of Mondialclima



The company is aimed at customer satisfaction through innovation and energy saving, which is why at Mondialclima we have learned to listen before designing.

We design heating and cooling systems that optimize costs and consumption. Following this logic of innovation and savings, we have developed the skills to optimize your buildings by offering renewable energy sources, LED lighting, new technologies for the casing to achieve the best energy-saving thermal comfort.

Our team is at your disposal step by step for tailor-made design and to satisfy your needs with innovative solutions designed specifically.

To make the implementation of these eco projects scalable, we have identified a solution capable of automating the process, through hardware and software that allow these interventions to be carried out faster, more effectively and less expensively. Heco is the solution to make the design replicable several times.

Heco - Heating Eletricity Cooling Optimizaztion

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Heco Energy wants to develop, produce and market the innovative Heco system with high technological value capable of achieving unprecedented energy efficiency.

The analysis and management of data through an artificial intelligence and software system will be the basis for the creation of the electric heating and cooling system which will be controllable through web and mobile platforms.

The benefit initiative is made official pursuant to Law no. 28 December 2015. 208, the company undertakes to pursue the following objectives of common benefit, operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner in favor of the community, the territory, the environment, non-profit organizations and associations.

Save the planet

Heco was born from the aim of solving problems

There are many problems related to the environment, our goal is to solve challenges to save the planet from pollution, making people aware of the innovation obtained thanks to the combination of the different technologies contained in Heco.

The challenges

  • Global energy demand, the cost of electricity and gas bills are continuously increasing.

  • The presence of obsolete energy systems - inefficiency and high CO₂ emissions

  • Price instability and availability of fossil fuels

How we win

creates independence

offers optimization

the future

Macro analysis of the current market situation in comparison to the functioning of the Heco system

Protesta climatica

Configure your home

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